Lammaste is a brand that deals with various types of jewelry, and it began in April 2021 during the COVID pandemic.
What started as a fun activity on the island ended up being a business idea for us to
We started by moving around with a wooden cart selling in the streets with my partner playing the guitar next to me.
The brand name "Lammaste" is derived from Lamma Island in Hong Kong, and "Namaste" to show gratitude and appreciation for the island life.

You may wonder, why am I so interested in the Islandic way of life?
Growing up, I often relocated between different islands,
including Hainan and Hawaii, and I have experienced their beautiful and unique lifestyle.
This lifestyle has stuck with me, and you can say I am a complete islander by "Blood
and Soul."
Jewelry reflects your personality and significantly impacts how you feel about yourself and how people see you.
They will make you walk with your head high, feeling more confident and stunningly trendy.
Finding the right jewelry is a skill on its own, and this was the biggest obstacle while
I could not find the perfect jewelry, accessories, and outfits to match islanders' skin
tones and vibes, especially in the city.
This prompted me to launch into the creation of Lammaste with my collections.
Our exquisite and high-quality products are multiple types of jewelry,
they are partially made of Gold, Silver, Titanium Steel, Natural Stones, Crystal, Pearls, and Shells.
We aim at ensuring we bring out the islanders' vibe in our customers through our diverse
range of jewelry and accessories collections.

Our values and ideals are centered on providing the best quality in a unique piece
at a price everyone can afford.
We stand firmly by our brand with excellent customer service, treating all our customers with care and warmth that make them feel welcome almost instantly.